Lazzerini is EN 15085-2 certified

The ANSF (National Agency for Railway Safety) has definitively confirmed the inextricable link between welding and safety, by publishing the “Guidelines for certification of companies operating in the sector of welding of railway vehicles or their components in accordance with the UNI EN 15085 set of standards”.

Welding is a key component of railway vehicles or their components, for their integrity and resistance over time. This activity is therefore an obligation that, as a company operating in the public transport sector, we cannot afford to ignore. Perfectly performed welding must be certified, in order to ensure that railway safety is not simply an optional extra we can do without.

Lazzerini has now added an important certificate to its collection, with EN 15085-2, the certification that establishes the quality criteria to ensure that the basic technical requirements of welding are satisfied, as well as simultaneously certifying that the welders of the components and subunits of railway vehicles are duly qualified.

EN 15085-2 certification is, without doubt, a guarantee of quality that is being increasingly required of companies operating on the railway market in both EU and non-EU countries. In addition to being a cornerstone of product safety, it guarantees competitiveness of the company business, in a sector constantly searching for solutions to improve the quality of its products.


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